Flying lines

Flying lines: the main lines between the kite and the rider, usually made of Spectra.


Foil: One cell of an open-celled kite (Foil Kite).

Foil kite

Foil kite: a soft type of kite which is made up of cells that fill with air. Foils achieve their shape by inflating with the wind and have no rigid structure. Foils usually have a complex bridle system.


Footstraps: straps used to keep your feet attatched to your kiteboard and on your foot pads.


Frame: the collection of carbon or fiberglass spars that form the skeleton of the kite.


Freestyle: kiteboarding style. Freestyle involves tricks (or combinations of tricks) where the rider is jumping off the water and experiencing enhanced elevation using lift generated from the kite. Freestyle is weather vise a multi-condition concept and is to some degree equipment specific. “Big Air” is commonly associated with Freestyle.