Rail: The edge of the board is the rail. A rounded edge is a soft rail and a sharp edge is a hard rail.

Ram Air Kite

Ram Air Kite: Ram air foil kites have no rigid structure. The shape of the kite is formed while flying. These kites have shapes that are very close to airplane wings and therefore are the most aerodynamic kites. These kites normally have a limited number of air intakes and a one-way valve system to prevent the air from escaping, and are also called closed cell foil kites. Concept Air, Windtools and others make Ram Air kites.


Reaching: Sailing with the wind coming from the side (sailing across the wind). If the wind is coming from directly from the side, it is a beam reach. If the board is pointed more into the wind it is a close reach. If the wind is coming more from behind, it is called a broad reach.


Relaunch: to start the kite flying again. It is desirable to have a kite that the kitesurfer can relaunch from the water after a fall.


Right-of-Way: A right-of-way boat has precedence over others on conflicting courses and has the right to maintain its course. Usually a boat on starboard tack has right of way over a boat on port tack.

Rigid kite

Rigid kite: a kite such as a speedwing or delta whose shape is mostly held by means of a rigid frame, eliminating the need for a complex bridle. Most rigid kites are not water relaunchable.


Ripstop: Ripstop refers to the squares of reinforcing fibers in the fabric which make it resistant to tearing. A rip in this fabric will stop at one of the reinforcing fibers.

Reel bar

Reel bar: a combination winding reel and control bar used to wind up the kite flying lines.


Rocker: the curve along the bottom of the board. The amount that the nose and tail of the board are turned up. A board that is relatively flat doesn’t have much rocker.