Table top

Table top: A flashy move that can be done while jumping. Hanging more or less upside down with your board out flat above you like a table top. Also a type of Slider with flat top section.


Tack: The direction which is being sailed, normally either starboard tack or port tack. Also: To change direction, by turning upwind. As opposed to a jibe which is done by turning downwind. This maneuver is usually done when the rider is trying to go upwind because less ground is lost in the turns as compared to jibing.


Teabagging: the rider is frequently falling back into the water due to light or gusty wind, like a human teabag being dipped repeatedly.

Thermal wind

Thermal wind: cold air over the ocean and warm air over the land result in a pressure differential that causes wind.


Toeside: to ride a board on the edge where your toes are (opposite of heelside).  This is the same technique as in snowboarding.

Traction kite

Traction kite: a kite big enough to pull a vehicle on land, snow, ice or water. This type of kite is called traction kite.

Trailing edge, TE

Trailing edge, TE: the back edge of the kite running between the wing tips. Can also be called a leech. The trailing edge may have a leech line sewn in.

Trim line

Trim line: in a 4 line inflatable¬† kite is a the line that goes from the front of the wingtips to a loop at the center of the control bar. Adjusting its length adjusts the “trim” or angle of attack (AoA) of the kite. Changing this adjustment can increase the AoA for more lift or decreasing the AoA for less lift.

Trim loop

Trim loop: a loop used in most 4 line kites located at the centre of the control bar and used to adjust the kites AoA, thereby depowering the kite. Also called ‘chicken loop’.

True wind

True wind: The wind as felt by something that is not moving.

Twin tip

Twin tip: a board that rides equally well in either direction, like a wakeboard. Usually refers to a board that is between a wakeboard and a directional board in size. A twin tip is typically 125 to 190 cm in length.